Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BABIES! Get customized bedding

I found a new playground! Don't you love when you discover a new website that has one of those creative, do-it-yourself, mix-and-match type of curators. Boy I do! And it was no different when I came across Carousel designs.

{Now, don't start reading into this in any way. No, I'm not prego, no I'm not even thinking about it. Guys, get real: I'm way to selfish at this point in my life to think about putting someone else's needs first.}

In all seriousness though, this site is pretty awesome. You start out with a blank room and blank crib, then you customize to make the room look like your nursery. Next you can change the crib color and features of the bedding (add a ruffle at the top of the bumper, add trim to the skirt or make it pleated). There are tons of options.  Next you select your fabric palette. You can choose any fabric you want or have the color schemes narrow as you select certain fabrics- that way the colors match. Then you just drag and drop your fabrics to each section of the crib. If a fabric cannot be applied, a little notification box will pop up. Get it how you want it and make sure the four boxes are checked at the top. A price will be listed per item. You then can add it to your shopping cart or add it to a registry. Simple as that!

Here are some of the ones I did. Don't be afraid to play with bright colors and mix patterns. While it may seem expensive, keep in mind it's being custom made to your order, these are quality fabrics, and you can always use them for the next baby.

This one is gender neutral. The total price comes to $395.
Soft and sweet for a baby girl, this suite comes to $449.
Dark and cleanable for a rough little boy, $454.
My current favorite colors, this options comes to $459.