Monday, June 20, 2011

Missing flowers and how to deal

Let me just say that helping friends and relatives coordinate their weddings has given me a lot of incite. Not only am I gaining hands on experience for my own wedding, but I'm also learning a lot about who they are with decisions they make. Women kind of become a different person when they become a bride. But that's not the point of this post; let's get to it.

If you follow me on twitter, which you obvs should, you would know that one of the weddings I helped coordinate ran into a tiny little speed bump. The flowers that were ordered in bulk online somehow got shipped to the wrong state. Ok, maybe that's more than a speed bump in the wedding world. I think it would be comparable to the Grand Canyon. The bride had ordered bulk flowers online that were to look abit-alike-athis:
Right about now they are laying in a garbage can somewhere in Massachusetts instead of a vase in east central Indiana. I wonder about the confused look on the brides face when two completely different orders of flowers arrived for her. I don't have to wonder about the look of horror when my dear cousin/hair stylist Kim found out her flowers were in New Jersey on Thursday and Massachusetts on Friday, the day before her wedding. Don't worry, the online vendor refunded her money. As if that's really what a freaking-out bride wants to hear.

What is a girl to do when it's the day before the wedding and she has no flowers. Zero. Zilch. Nada. None. Do you get it? So she calls every florist in town. Unfortunately for her she had three big strikes: 1.  She needed them the next day. 2. It's the middle of wedding season. 3. Our town lost a hero of a firefighter last week and his funeral was the day of the wedding. What does this mean?


My suggestion: There are two places in our town that carry flowers other than florists and they are a farmers market about the size of my left foot (because my right foot is slightly smaller) and the grocery store. The flowers scrounged up ended up looking very nice. Three hot pink daises for each of the bridesmaids, a small but lovely white flower that I am remiss of the name for the boutonnieres, and white and pink tulips with large leaves for the bride. Not bad at all for thrown together flower story. 
My favorite part was the centerpieces but you will have to wait for the professional pictures to see those. Okay okay, I guess I'll share a little teaser. Twist my arm.

Let me just say, I'm not typically a huge fan of painted flowers. But the tables looked cute when they were finished and the fit the bride and grooms personality completely.

So that's the first hiccup I've been involved in. It just goes to show: something unexpected will go wrong. Never would I have anticipated the flower vendor would fall through. But things happen. You may have to purchase flowers from Main Street Market. It will not matter at the end of the day. You will still get married and you will still enjoy the night. And it will always be memorable.