Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Online shopping at One Kings Lane

If one thing makes my day better it's shopping and I went through... let's just say awhile where I didn't shop often. Those were dark days. But the dark days are over and I discovered online shopping. At least once a day I browse Etsy, Amazon, Ruelala, CB2, or One Kings Lane. Lately I have been loving the deals from OKL.

Here's the scoop. OKL partners with designers to dramatically discount their products. Typically a sale lasts a week but items start selling out quickly. For example, while I type this there are seven sales open: Home Environment, Core Bamboo, Karen Robertson Collection, Amity Home, Global Amici, LG Designs, & Modern Twist. Each one shows what items are available at the discount. Each company discount is different and each item discount is different. I mananged to snag these items below for $21 and original retail cost is $44. While that seems like a 50% discount, the Hermetic bottles were being sold in sets of three. So I'm getting four awesome pieces for $44.

Not sold on the site? Not enough options? Check out the art gallery. There is always a wide variety of styles. My current favorite is this piece by Pragya Kathoria. How perfect for a child's room?

Make sure to explore the site because sometimes there are hidden sales in the articles on their "Get Inspired" page. I came across these little gorgeous things for $19. Have I mentioned lately I love ampersands?

It is so important to check the website often otherwise you miss amazing deals on amazing pieces. Today I missed out on this gorgeous shelf that I would love to have for my bathroom. Originally $975, it was on sale for $369.
And lastly, they have a nice little photo gallery sorted by room. I love these.

If you are interested in browsing use this link to sign up. https://www.onekingslane.com/invite/CourtneyWorkman You do have to register and it will send you emails with the new sales.