Thursday, May 12, 2011

TODAY! (plus 366 days)

In exactly one year (it will be leap year, so one extra day) at this time I will be decorating at Cardinal Hills Golf Course. After four hours of decorating I will be starting my hair and makeup. After a couple of hours of primping I will be putting on my dress and headed to see my love bug for our first look. He will cry. I will cry. I will touch up my make up and we will spend a couple hours taking photographs we will keep and cherish our entire lifetime. Then we will drive to the church Kyle has belonged to since before he was born, the church that will tie us to each other forever. I will walk down a flowered aisle. We will giggle and whisper. We will both say "I do", exchange rings, and share our first kiss as husband and wife. I will cry again and so will he. Then we will arrive at our beautiful reception site, cut the cake, have our first dance, and spend time with the amazing family and friends who have joined us on our special day. It will be magical.

My excitement level was high when I came in to the office today. So of course my co-workers had to (playfully) chop me down. One person said the air conditioner broke at the church on her wedding day. One person said her flowers wilted. One said her face had 20 extra pounds of make up on it. One told me about tuxedo's alterations that had to happen down to the minute. One had shoes two sizes too small.

I know there will be things that go unplanned on my wedding day.  All I can do now is prepare for anything that could come up and deal with the unexpected as it comes. I will rely on my two day of coordinators to shield me from the problems.

The next year will go fast but I can't wait. In the meantime I have four other weddings (so far), showers, bachelorette weekends and parties to look forward to. One of those I'm in and two of them I'm helping to plan.

It will be an amazing 366 days.