Monday, May 9, 2011

it's a funny day


Yep, it's true. This past Saturday with my mom, grandma, and sister (aka MOH) on board I drove down to Indianapolis to a designer boutique, tried on five dresses, and bought THE one. It's gorgeous. Duh.

So I should be on a high right now, right? Except now I'm kinda freaking out over the bridesmaid dresses. My dress is more formal than I thought it would be which means I need to rework the plan for the BM dresses. That means I have to be stricter on the dress because I don't want them to be too formal. Which means less styles to choose from. I had not blogged about it before but I had planned to get the girls custom made skirts in different floral patterns. But now I think we will have to buy something from a bridal shop. That worries me because of cost and because of formality. I just don't want them to look like bridesmaids.

Here are some of the dresses I like; three different style and I need to narrow it down.

Which style is your favorite? Springy pastel? -or bold color? -or work wear? That last one I would pair with a flower sash instead of the belt. Help me out of this mess and leave your thoughts in the comments below.