Friday, January 14, 2011

Patterned Ceiling

Yesterday I shared an image of a design by David Cafiero with patterned walls and ceiling. I asked if you loved it or if you would leave it and not surprisingly to me, the majority said leave it. Now, because I know David Cafiero is not a horrific designer as that room may make one think, I had to share an image of a room I love designed by him, also featured in Lonny.

While there are a couple of things I would change in this room (modern ceiling with traditional headboard?) overall, I kind of love the space. The ceiling pattern here is to die for and the wall color is perfect. Since I do not know his conditions for the room (was he asked to keep the headboards?), I say this room is a winner. And to the homeowner, this room could be the perfect candidate for a modern or contemporary style if you just switched the headboards to something more geometric.