Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today was a fairytale...

"I am a pricess. All girls are." Every since watching "A Little Princess" when I was younger, I have been in love with the fact that every girl deserves to be treated as a princess. And I wouldn't expect less, especially on my wedding day. Regardless of what you do for a living, how much money you make or spend, and what your title is, all brides deserve it. Now, don't take me the wrong way; I firmly believe we should have to earn our respect in this world. I am not expecting people to fall at my feet and feed my every desire. I am only referring to the fact that brides should have the attention a princess would on her wedding day.

Why am I talking about princesses? Because I have recently discovered the stunning gowns designed by Alfred Angelo inspired by Disney princess fairy tales. Every girl had a favorite Disney princess. Mine was Sleeping Beauty.

First is Ariel. Angelo included sea-inspiring details such as pearls, sequins and crystals. Metallic accents catch the light to reflect the shimmering ocean.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast was always close to my heart. It used to by my goal to walk and read at the same time, just like Belle did through the village. It was an amazing day when I finally got that down, although now I prefer a comfy chair and a mug of hot tea. I digress.

Belle's gown shows her elegance in a crystal beaded corset bodice, a detachable shrug and draped net pick-up.

The tulle and glitter of the Cinderella dress perfectly fits my image of the fairy tale and the glass slipper. What I love even more about this dress is the bodice, dramatic crisscrossing with a romantic sweetheart neckline with crystal beading and rhinestones.

I was always in awe of Jasmine's sophisticated style and I think I still am. This dress inspired by her is quiet sophisticated as well with shimmering satin, encrusted crystals and pearls, and the ruched bodice. It really is quiet exotic and a bit lustful as well, which can't hurt on your wedding day.

The Sleeping Beauty gown is really rather dreamy, no pun intended. {okay, maybe it was intended.} Taffeta with gossamer tulle, re-embroidered lace with rose detail, this gown would make anyone feel like a princess. It's soft and whimsical and says fairy tale to me.

Frankly, I was never a fan of Snow White. The seven dwarf's were a little strange to me. Regardless, the gown inspired by her is one of my favorites. It is youthful yet graceful with the apple blossom bodice and net covered satin ballgown.

Everything about this dress is dramatic and representative of Tiana's independence. The ruched pick-ups, the asymmetrical shoulder, metallic embroidery; everything is perfect for a princess. 

Which Disney princess was your favorite? Which gown is your favorite?
Tell me in the comments below.