Monday, January 3, 2011

Hopes and dreams

Andy and Kate Spade's home via TheSelby.
Happy New Year! Tomorrow I will be officially back with more inspiration, hopefully useful info, and to share some new projects. But today I wanted to send a special thanks to everyone who follows my blog and leaves me comments. It really makes it worth the effort.

As a designer, I find myself constantly searching for a taste of new style. It is easy to be repetitive and get bogged down in oatmeal. For 2011, I hope to continue to find new blogs to follow that inspire me and to share some of my favorite findings. As far as the wedding posts, they be further between as I continue to finalize my own wedding plans; I don't want to give anything away for my guests!

Also, be sure to follow my Pinterest as that is a wonderful resource for quickly sharing images I love.

I hope everyone had a delightful New Years Eve and winter holiday. Let me know of article requests!

xoxo, Courtney

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