Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Helpful, Design-oriented, iPhone Apps

Although I'm not sure how it happened, I have become one of those people attached to their phones. It doesn't help that there are a number of free applications you can download now to make your life easier. I can nearly work directly from my phone if I really wanted to.

Anyways, I want to share some of my favorite aplications on my phone. Here is a screen shot of my "work utilities" folder on my phone. I have eight that use more often than others and of those eight, I use three on a daily basis. Check out more about them below.

The iHandy level is so convenient. I use it to hang art and balance shelves and tables I put together. You can reset the balance point to adjust to walls and floors.

This mini ruler has been extremely helpful for those projects I seem to think doesn't require a tape measure. I typically always carry a tape measure but when i just carry in a clutch or wristlet to a project site, I always have my phone with me. Even though it's only 3" long, sometimes it really helps.

Our firm uses Sherwin Williams for basically every project. Their paint selection is wide enough that a contractor can take it anywhere and have paint match. When documenting a space, it's nice to know what paint is already on the walls. I find that I use this app mostly to see what already exists. occasionally, I will photograph something in life to match it to a paint sample.

This is by far my most used downloaded app. I will typically edit every photo that I take whether it's adding a border, adjusting the contrast, or cropping. I love the capabilities of this app.

Like the image says, typography makes me happy. I mostly use this app to send people cute messages but I also use it for blogging.

Ikea is one of my favorite places to shop. Their 2011 catalog app is a great way to see new products and get inspired by spaces. The index is easy to use and I love flipping through the pages. is a site that I use constantly for work. I recently discovered the app and I've been on it everyday since. I am able to view the files I upload, see who else has viewed the documents, and upload images of progress for my client.

I was pretty aprehensive about downloading the AutoCAD app to my phone. I thought for certain it would be a pain to update drawings and that I would never use it. Of course, it is slightly a pain since it's easier to work on drawings when they are larger; not on a 3" screen. But the app is perfect for meeting on-site with contractors because I don't have to carry around a large set of construction plans. I can also easily add notes of things to be changed when I get back to my desk. This app has ended up being pretty perfect.
What is the best thing about these apps? THEY. ARE. FREE. Yep, that's right. Each of these downloadable apps are free of charge. So go get them people!