Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Color Palette: Take Gray

Gray is everywhere in the winter: the sky, the edges of old snow, the snow slush on our cars and for some of us, our outlook on life. But gray can also be a great color for a home. It is soothing and neutral and allows colors to pop off. Gray looks stunning with white or black for an all-over, grayscale atmosphere.

image 1, 2, 3

Try these shades in your home in place of your neutral walls, may they be white or beige. I strongly suggest you coat the entire room but it could also really look nice if you do a wide vertical stripe. Gray's also come in a variety of shades with pink (warm), blue (cool), purple (neutral) undertones. Make sure that you decide on a feeling for the room before you select your paint.

Sherwin Williams, Light French Gray (warm)

Sherwin Williams, Steely Gray (neutral)

Benjamin Moore, Winter Solstice (cool)

For warmer palettes, use heavier fabrics like wool, fur and tweed to really enhance the lush feeling. For cooler palettes, fabrics like linen, lace and cotton will make the room feel airy and will carry you into spring decor nicely. Neutral palettes allow for a variety of fabrics, which I recommend for an eclectic look.

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  1. I especially love that grey with icy blue. Looking at that room just makes me feel wintery.

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