Thursday, December 9, 2010

H&M Holiday Love

Last month I posted about H&M's new home line. Now I am posting my favorites from their holiday decor. They categorize into three styles: White Christmas, Glamour Party, and Home Sweet Home. Pricing is listed below.

Cushion cover, 12.99; 2 lace print on organdie placemats, 6.99; foil print table runner, 7.99; 2 mesh petal napkin rings, 6.99; silvery print christmas sack, 19.99
2 glitter rabbit ornaments, 1.99; cushion cover, 14.99; 2 christmas fur ball ornaments, 1.99
2 velour and terry guest towels, 2.99; 2 acrylic star ornaments, 2.99; beaded flower ornament, 2.99; cotton velvet stocking, 7.99

What are your favorites? List them below. And check out their site here.
What I love the most? The fact these are incredibly affordable and I can purchase everything.


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