Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Living Room MAKEOVER?!

Okay, okay. Maybe I'm not currently planning to makeover my living room. Actually, let me just reassure my husband who may or may not be having a panic attack at the thought of another room makeover. Side note: three rooms/areas are currently getting a face lift this summer, and KJB might kill me if I suggest another one right now.

BUT there is no reason I can't daydream about the perfect living room. I can't help it; I am an interior designer for a living! It's to be expected. Anyways, my dream living room isn't too far off from what I have now, so it's not like it would be a massive project. Just a few items... am I talking myself into? Shhhh.....

Let's get into the look. It's pretty neutral with lots of texture variations and materials. There is nothing better about a room than successfully combining fabrics, metals, glass, and wood. With these soft colors, it keeps the space natural looking. This encompasses my style pretty well, a bit of glam with the matte gold, my love of the artisan feel with the highly detailed console, and the modern look of low, straight lines. I did go a little out of my comfort zone and pulled a couple of armchairs that are more traditional in style. But the pattern is lovely and the soft tones are perfect. I think they add to the glam feel. Also, a white and black geometric rug goes with everything, so it's the perfect investment piece. It could be switched out to be used in any room.

I love that these pieces provide such a great base for my current accessories. Wooden boxes, ceramic vases, plants, photographs, throw pillows - they will all layer so nicely. Most of these pieces are from Arhaus because their style is (insert hair-flip emoji) perfection. The pieces are super stylish yet classic, and give you that "lived-in" vibe. Toss a blanket over the arm of that couch when you're finished using it and it looks like it's meant to be there. All of their living room offerings are lovely!

What are the components of your dream living room? How would you describe your style?