Wednesday, July 15, 2015

5 Gifts

Gift giving is one of my all-time favorite things! In fact, receiving gifts is my love language, so I can't help but naturally want to gift others. We still have quite awhile until December's gifting season, but there's no reason why you can't start spoiling the people you love now. I've rounded up 5 ideas for pouf gifts and will explain them below.
The most important part of any gift is determining what the gift will be, and you can determine that by answering two questions. What does the recipient like? (i.e., what kinds of hobby's or interests do they have?) And how much do you want to spend? Once you determine these two things, it will be much easier to select a gift.

When it comes to gifting with a pouf, your options are virtually endless. If you're wanting your gift to fit inside, I recommend getting the pouf first, so you can really understand the size. If you want to start shopping for the contents now, know that the bag is about 3.5"W x 3.5"H x 6"L. The bags (other than the clear botanical) are made with vegan leather on the outside, and a wipeable vinyl on the inside.  

Now, for the fun stuff! On to the gift ideas!

#1. Pampering Gift 
Perfect for someone that needs a reminder to relax. Anyone with a busy schedule will appreciate this thoughtful gift. Go for products that have a soft, soothing scent if you're not sure what types of scents they like.

#2 Date Night Gift
This one is particularly great if you're treating your loved one to a date night. Surprise her with a few new jewels and beauty products. She will absolutely love getting ready with her new things, and she will be super excited to spend quality time together, no matter what the date is! This option can also stand on it's own and be a generous gift; perfect for a girly-girl that loves beauty and jewelry.

#3 Foodie Gift
This is a really fun gift idea for any foodie; the possibilities are endless! I went the route of "the baker," but you could also do a bunch of spices, a tea towel, or a fun utensil!

(I didn't have a good honey to photograph but here's a link to one!) | Food Coloring | Sprinkles | Extract | Cinnamon Sticks

#4 Creative Thinker Gift
With ideas constantly swirling, the creative thinker needs a place to jot them down. There are tons of possibilities with this gift, but I'd recommend starting with a fun notebook and colorful pens. What you choose to add after that is up to you!

#5 The Partier Gift
The idea for this gift option is a really fun one. Start with the cocktail swatchbook, which is one of my favorite gifts to give to 21-year-olds. Pull a recipe from it and purchase the ingredients in shooter size!