Monday, November 26, 2012

gift wrap DIY | vintage inspired

today we have our second DIY gift wrap! you've seen Monica around the blog before in other DIY posts and she was my roomie at the Influence Conference back in October. when she sent me a photo of some vintage wrapping paper, i knew i was going to love her DIY.

supplies                          cost
kraft paper                        $12-$15; but Monica had everything in her closet so it didn't cost her a dime
tissue paper
spray adhesive                 time
clear sealer                       15-20 minutes, depending on how much coloring you do
ink pads

1. Search "vintage christmas paper" on your favorite search engine. Download the image and size to paper. 
2. Attach tissue paper to cardstock and print your image in grayscale. Cut the tissue paper off the cardstock.
3. Now comes the hard decision. You can leave your tissue paper in grayscale or you can use your ink pads and sponge to add color to the tissue paper. Either way, it's gonna look awesome.
4. Once the ink had dried (2 minutes), tear out the exact image from the paper you want to use on your gift.
5. Spray the image with the acrylic sealer to insure the ink doesn't smudge.
6. While you wait for it to dry, wrap the gift with the kraft paper.
7. Place your image on a piece of scrap paper, face down and spray your adhesive across the image. Then carefully turn it onto the package. We like the image to bend over the edges a bit. Tie it up with a bit of ribbon or twine and slide on your gift tag.

Monica used this printable gift tag by EatDrinkChic.

I love how creative you can get with the colors and patterns on this one, yet the gifts still look similar.