Monday, November 19, 2012

gift wrap DIY | Anthro-inspired

today we are kicking off a DIY series of holiday wrapping paper. this DIY is Anthropologie-inspired, and you can check out the original here.

supplies :                                                                                craft time :   
-white tissue paper, $1 for 25 sheets at the dollar store            10 minutes               
-baker's twine, $2 at TJ Maxx
-pom-pom balls, $2 at Hobby Lobby                                     total cost :
-hot glue gun                                                                            $5

steps :
-wrap your present in the tissue paper and tie it up with baker's twine however you like
-use your hot glue gun to attach the pom-poms. i did 5 of the six sides so the bottom can sit flat.
-add your gift tag (this year, i'm using these printables with the gitter clothes pins i sell here)

i love this whimsical look


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