Friday, April 27, 2012

like a room from a magazine

have you ever seen something and fallen in love with it? oh wait, i don't mean a person. let's be materialistic here. i mean you're out window shopping or browsing your fav online stores and BAM! just like that you see something that you want/need/gotta have or you'll die from a broken heart? yeah, that kind of falling in love. well that happened to me today when i saw this office while scrolling through the restoration hardware website. in my defense i had a 15% off coupon that came in my catalog so obviously i was shopping to save. duh. anyway, i fell fast and hard for this office so i went browsing for the puzzle pieces. here's what i found out...

now, if you know me, you know i like to shop but i'm also particular with my money. this room totals to $7,424 without the awesome view, pretty hardwood floors, and matching books. getting this room is way outside my budget right now, especially with the wedding so close, but i'm still going to dream about it. and hopefully overtime, once we move into a bigger space, i can acquire pieces like this that timeless and that i love.

what do you think about this room? love it/hate it? overpriced/totally worth it? tell me your thoughts!