Wednesday, April 11, 2012

paint by pic {xii}

Often times we see gorgeous, huge closets they are white with chrome hardware or dark wood with glass. So when I found this closet I knew I wanted to share it in a paint by pic. It's colorful yet subtle enough to really let your clothes and accessories stand out. I really urge you to try painting your closet with fun colors like these, especially if you have bold color elsewhere in the home. Don't let the closet be naked!

Don't have a huge closet or dressing room like this one? It's cool, neither do I. But who says you can't still brighten up the inside of your closet with a fresh coat of paint? Or you could even chose a printed wallpaper. A closet would love it because cost would be minimal for a small space.

What do you think about color inside a closet or dressing room? Bold like this room or neutral?