Friday, December 9, 2011


The look of kraft paper makes me so incredibly happy I can hardly stand it. It's just so rustic and casual that I can't imagine using anything else for my wedding paper suite. Combine it with bakers twine, lace, burlap, or whatever your creative little mind thinks up and you have a completely different look.
So earlier this week I was wondering around Staples waiting on someone to help me locate extra stainless steel waste receptacles- don't ask - when I started pricing their kraft paper envelopes. I discovered that a pack of 10, #10 envelopes cost $4 which I didn't think was bad until I realized that was going to be $50 for the save the date envelopes. WHAHHHT. Yeah. Hold on, let me pick up my eyeballs that have popped out of my head from outrage. Maybe that's not too steep for your pocketbooks but I can't help but think about what the cost will be for the actual invitations and rsvp cards with envelopes.........

.... Sorry. I think my heart just stopped from thinking about it. Anyways, I decided to do some online research for a less expensive resource. Here's what I've found...

A2 and #10 envelopes at .18 cents each here compared to .40 cents at Staples.
8.5 x 11 in. card stock at .17 cents per sheet here compared to .25 cents at Staples.
A2 card at .12 cents each here compared to .45 cents at Staples.

If you have sources for kraft paper supplies like these, please leave it in the comment line below. Sharing resources for the sake of saving money sounds like a wonderful thing to me!



  1. French Paper Co. has great options that are very cost effective! I just purchased paper there to print my cousin's invites and it's very high quality.

    Here's a link to some craft paper envelopes. You can get 250 for $35 :)

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