Saturday, October 9, 2010

Review: Abby Candles

I don't know about the rest of the world but here in the MidWest at least once during the year a fundraiser for Abby Candles goes around. It always seems like the silliest idea to me because you can't smell them before you buy them. So you are basing your decision on the color and the name of the candle. I have never purchased the candles before because of this reason; I just by a cookie mix or a useless yard of Christmas wrapping paper. Anyway, I acquired three wickless Abby Candles. I chose the scents based on the seasons; one for autumn, one for winter, and one for spring to summer. The break down...

forAutumn: Banana Nut Bread.
myExpectation: banana nut bread made with banana flavor instead of real banana. let's face it, many banana flavored things don't have real banana.
whatIgot: real banana nut bread. with walnuts. okay, maybe I can't really smell walnut but I feel like I do. I smell the whole banana nut breat experience WITH real banana.
myOpinion: love it. would purchase again. don't buy if you don't like banana nut bread.

forWinter: Sugar'n Spice.
myExpectation: a rich, almost harvest scent, full of spice.
whatIgot: a sweet cinnamon, vanilla with nutmeg. not what I expected. the coloring matches my smell expectations because it's a pumpkin orange color.
myOpinion: indiffernet. not necessarily my type of smell but it is lingering. I feel like I can smell it for hours. nice for a warm winter evening.

forSpring/Summer: Mango Sangria
myExpectation: a heavy, warm fruit scent
whatIgot: a light, sweet, SweetTart esque, fruity smell. to me, this is straight up a SweetTart.
myOpinion: nice to keep the lid of and just let it be a background aroma. it's okay melted but it's almost too sweet for me.

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