Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ever since my sister had a baby recently, I haven't stopped thinking about nursery design and toddler rooms. Here are some images to inspire you and what makes them so great.

This room has tons of built-in storage that can evolve from diaper storage, to toy storage, to book storage.
Furniture that can grow with your little one. Invest in nice pieces that will outlast their tantrum phase, their creative phase, and their jumping on the bed phase.

Use colors that can go with lots of different themes. I was always wanting to change my room as a little one (well, I guess somethings have stayed the same) so my mom would always just buy me new sheets. The colors in my room never changed (pink and purple) but with new bedding and a couple of different pictures, it was a new room.
Create a ceiling mural. Same idea as a mobile on the crib but cover the whole ceiling. Give your little one something to look at while laying in bed.
Make the crib a focal point by adding a canopy. Once the crib is gone, the canopy can act as a headboard.
What did you have in your childhood bedroom? How did you/will you decorate your baby's room? Leave it in the comments below.
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