Friday, October 8, 2010

Guest Book Alternatives

Every bride wants their big day to be unique. I have been really thinking about details this week and last night my mom and I put together the guest list for our side of the family. Thinking about all these guests made me think about the fact that 1. there is a lot of them and 2. I need to remember everyone that comes. So, here are some ideas to remember everyone that came to my wedding. I have actually already decided which idea {or ideas ;) } I will use for my big day. Enjoy!

Keep it classy with a memory box and precut pretty pages to go inside.
Make your guests get creative. I love this idea.

Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular. I will give away the fact that my photographer has a photo booth set up. :)

Bring along your wedding scrapbook and let everyone directly sign the pages.

A wishing tree where guests can "leaf" their wishes. *teeheehee

Preglazed pottery to be fired and all yours for keeps, after the reception.

A recipe box. Each guest can leave their recipe for love and a long, happy marriage.

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