Friday, March 15, 2019

Spring Beauty Newbies

Some new things in the makeup aisle I wouldn't mind giving a try. In spring and summer I have a tendency to switch over to waterproof makeup where I can because I have oily skin and it seems to make a difference. I also swim a lot, so when it comes to things like brows and lashes, I usually try to keep them intact. It's not uncommon for me to take a dip in the pool after work before going out for dinner or running evening errands. Anyway, several of these newbies are waterproof, so I'd like to give them a go for the upcoming season.

it Cosmetics makes my favorite CC+ cream which I wear on a daily basis in place of foundation. While I'm completely happy with my current concealer, this one is waterproof and since I love the brand already, I figure it's a decent product.

Urban Decay is another favorite brand and I've never tired their brow products. Again, this is waterproof and they seem to have a wide color selection. I also like the dual end, to tailor look I'm going for.

This Marc Jacobs eye palette isn't waterproof, but the colors are so stunning it may or may not have me drooling a bit. I've never tried Marc Jacobs cosmetics so I can't speak to the quality for the price. If you have, please let me know your thoughts - I want to do more research before I make a decision on this beauty.

Bronze liners are. my. jam. in the summer. They seem to make my skin a little glowier and I feel like my tan looks deeper. I know. It's ridiculous and probably all fabricated in my mind, but I just really enjoy a bronze liner on my lower lash line in the summer. And, again, this L'oreal Infallible is waterproof, so it feels like a product I would love.

Pretty Vulgar is a brand I know nothing about, but constantly having issues with mascara (smudging, flaking, staying on in general) causes quite the turnover. I have this one on my list because it has super pretty packaging. #iknow #shrug

I'm always up for a good mask and Origins is a brand I've used in the past. Their clean stamp makes me feel good about incorporating it into my skincare routine and I love the idea of this super hydrating one. It comes in a travel size which seems like a great way to try out a new product without committing fully.

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