Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Gallery Wall: Eclectic

An eclectic style is the easiest when it comes to curating your gallery wall. There's really not much you could mess up on. Your colors, frames, content, and layout can all vary. The only way you can go wrong with this style is if the rest of your home leans dramatically to another style. Eclectic gallery walls work best in eclectic style homes. But that doesn't mean your gallery wall can't be a little bit curated like this one. If you want to incorporate variety, chose one thing to keep consistent, like image colors or theme.

sofa by Perigold | owl | moonrise | rain | donut | vogue | cacuts |

About this series:

Gallery wall can be a scary combination of words. There's stress around selecting the right pieces: coordinating the themes, colors, sizes. There's stress around framing: all the same frame or a variety and to mat or not to mat. And of course, the worst part, putting those nails in the wall to actually hang. If your layout isn't pre-planned you could end up with holes you didn't want. Have I thoroughly stressed you out? 

Finding great art online is a fun hobby for me; I could browse instagram accounts and shops for hours looking at all styles, mediums, and collections. While some designers have very specific taste in art, I think every piece of art could be used somewhere, it just needs the right setting. What I love about gallery walls is how it gives the home owner a chance to show their personality and style. This series, which I'll share throughout the year, will hone in on a decor style and find images that would look great in a room together. My hope is to inspire you to seek new sources and curate a style that uniquely reflects your personality. Have a style you want me to focus on next? Be sure to drop it in the comments below. Also, check out my insta-stories where I'll occasionally use a poll to curate my next post.