Friday, October 19, 2018

Busy Bee

When you're doing ALL. THE. THINGS. and you're starting to feel a little overwhelmed, don't forget to take time for yourself. Lately I've been go, go, go and I've found that even the smallest of breaks help to rejuvenate me.

  • Chair yoga: for 5-10 minutes, concentrate on your breathing and do some simple stretches right from your chair.
  • Take a lap around your building (or department or floor or whatever you can do) and look for something you've never seen before. Sometimes when we see something day after day we overlook it.
  • Add a plant to your desk. Something like aloe is purifying and survives well even in low light situations. The bright green will catch your eye and remind you of life away from the screen.
  • Leave the office for lunch or schedule a meeting at a coffee house - anything you can do to get yourself out of the office for a portion of the day. 

In this world of constant hustle, take a break every day. Then, girl, go on. Do your thing.