Tuesday, October 16, 2018

2018 Christmas Planner

It may not be looking a lot like Christmas where you are, but the holiday season is upon us! It's finally feeling like fall here in the Midwest, and for me that means starting to make holiday plans. Personally, this year will be super low-key for us, but that doesn't mean I don't have movies I want to watch, treats I want to make, and of course, gifting that needs done.

Last year I shared three versions of a holiday planner (you can still find those here on the blog), but this year I wanted to simplify. A clean-cut version of inserts you can print and hole-punch yourself, then decorate however you like! Maybe you go full-on with holiday stickers and washi tape, or maybe you switch up your pens. The thing I like about these inserts is that they are completely customized. Print whichever sheets applies to you and whatever quantity you like.

The inserts include help with planning all the things you have going on this season:

-Hosting events
-Socializing and parties
-Food planning
-Movies to watch
-Bucket list activities
-Cards to send

The pages are oriented so that on each letter sized sheet you get a front and a back. This way you can easily print front to back to minimize your inserts you're adding to your planner.

If you print out these inserts, be sure to share it with me by tagging my planner-gram: mrs_cbellplans
Get yours here! A few tips: make sure to print 100%, not fit to page. I prefer a thicker stock paper but you can use whatever you like. Lastly, a three-hole punch simplifies the entire process!

Not ready for the holiday season planning just yet? Pin the image below so you can come back to print later!