Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Artist Love

I can't believe I haven't already shared my love of Whistleburg with y'all! I discovered this shop quite awhile ago when they paired up with another instagrammer for a giveaway. I ended up winning that giveaway (yayyy!) and had an adorable magnet on my fridge in no time. Immediately I placed an order for a four-piece set and they are so stinking cute.

Renee is the artist behind the whimsical shop and she's not afraid to be bold in her art. Her style is unique and clever and there's sure to be a character for everyone's taste. Currently, she's sharing a fun series on Instagram of astrological girls. I'm straight up loving her Aquarius gal (very bottom) but I can't wait to see her Gemini illustration.

Go give Renee a follow on Instagram and check out all of the fun products on her Society6 shop and Etsy.