Friday, November 17, 2017

under $100 gifting: TO THE LITTLES

Shopping for the littles in your life can be a bit overwhelming - constantly changing interests, constantly changing sizes, and the toy market is FLOODED. Because of that, I encourage you to think simple, go for classic options, things that can get them thinking (without making it obviously boring), and items they can always use. When in doubt, size up or age up so they can grow into it if needed. I also love the option of choosing something completely outside the box, like a camera or a record player, for someone young. It could get them interested in a hobby and be fun to tinker with - without breaking the bank.

markers (similar, updated link) | book | camera | pjs (similar, updated link) | board game (updated link but this is massively overpriced and my Target store has this on the shelf but not online) | record player

robe (updated link) | jenga | snow markers (similar, updated link) | trampoline | terrarium |  night vision glasses