Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Salad

This one time in college I started eating salad and I pretty much never stopped. It's funny to think now that I went so many years hating vegetables and salad, but until I was about 18, salad was the last thing I would consider as a meal option. Now, as an adult, I love creating salads with different veggies, fruits, and nuts. Summer always inspires me to play with produce. This one is a repeat offender.

For the dressing, mix a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil with a pinch of chia seeds, a pinch of hemp seeds and three shakes of lemon pepper. (don't you love the exactness of my measurements?) I am currently loving the citrus flavor of this EVOO.

A handful of arugula and a handful of spinach for the perfect combination of leaves. A palmful of almonds, but you could swap out for your favorite nut, and a palmful of sunflower seeds. Then I quarter four or five strawberries and add crumbled feta. Once the dressing is drizzled over, I toss the entire salad. Sometimes I'll eat this on it's own for lunch and sometimes I'll put it on a bed of quinoa. Super yummy and super easy.


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