Thursday, June 30, 2016

Personal Planner Peace

My organization-loving heart is so happy right now. I recently decided to start using a personal sized planner for work, and it's serious planner peace.

Now, I'm not actually using my planner for appointments, we have an Outlook calendar that everyone uses, which is convenient for scheduling appointments. I found myself constantly making little to-do lists and keeping notes in different notebooks, and I finally got tired of trying to remember what cute notebook I was using during such-n-such meeting. And after switching my Plum Paper Planner into an A5 binder, I've loved being able to add different things into my binder, like notes, lists, etc.

So I took to Etsy to find an inexpensive personal planner that I could keep my lists in. I wound up purchasing a red one from washibear after reading some good reviews on them from instagram and their shop page. It's a great planner for the price; I was pretty impressed by the quality.

Once my binder was headed my way, I considered my options for inserts. There are tons out there on Etsy, but I decided to just make and print my own. They are really simple with a spot to write in the date, the day of the week, a place for notes, and another box with the days of the week where I can list appointments. I use this just to write in who I met with on what day, so that if I ever need to reference something, I have it easily. As mentioned, it's not used to schedule appointments, so I do not write in times or locations, but of course you could.

Mostly I write out my daily to-do list and I update it and add to it through out the day. It has helped so much in remembering what I worked on which day and which things still need to be done.

Here is a link to the PDF inserts. I print these double-sided, cut, and hole-punch. Sometimes I'll add a strip of washi tape to reinforce the holes. For reference, the boxes are sized to an Erin Condren/PPP/Happy Planner width, so you could use stickers to decorate. Enjoy!