Tuesday, June 9, 2015

weekend photos

The huz and I put in a new kitchen island, so of course I had to dress it up. This succulent garden is my new favorite and will be around for a long time, guaranteed.

We also threw a little baby shower for my cousin, who is expecting her first baby at the end of July. She wanted a "little gentleman" theme so we decorated with bowties and mustaches. His name is Mason, so of course we had to play that up as well! (printables for the party, including banners and games, will be in the shop soon!)

My nephew Cameron fell asleep on my mom's shoulder and it was the most precious thing. :)

Finally, we wrapped up our Saturday with a trip to our favorite local spot for dinner. Their fries are delicious and even more mind-blowing is their house-made ranch. We both got a burgers and totally indulged! And lucky for me, the conversation was even more satisfying than the meal. One-on-one time with KJB always makes my heart happy. 

June is off to a great start. :)