Monday, October 6, 2014

Green BEAN Delivery + $15 off coupon code!

Last week we received our first delivery from Green BEAN Delivery, a food delivery service that brings fresh, local produce and natural groceries to your doorstep all year long. It is a flexible membership service that allows you to schedule weekly or bi-weekly deliveries, but also postpone delivery for an extended time (think, eating produce out of your own garden during the summer). I discovered the company through Val from Chicken Scratch Blog and I had to give it a try.

I placed an order for the smallest produce bin and selected a few additional grocery items. Grocery shopping from my computer and avoiding the crowd and lines was the best part of the entire experience. The cooler bins showed up just as scheduled and when I got home at 5 o'clock from work everything inside was still nice and cool.

For the most part, I loved everything I received. There was a bit of disappointment in the size of a few things, including the apples and the potatoes. I was also under the impression that the Butternut Azteca soup and the pasta where going to be larger portions (dinner for two) instead of lunch for one, but that's just part of shopping online. Next time I will be a better judge of sizes. The granola (blueberry flax) is one of my favorite items from the entire order. The portion was generous and tasted delicious. 

The day we received the order, I whipped up some turkey burgers with a large, fresh salad and baked potatoes. For dessert we split a baked granny smith apple (and I didn't skimp on the brown sugar), which was amazing.

This service is one of the few available in my area and while it was a bit spendy for me. $67 for my total order and I can get local produce in larger portions at my local Meijer, but of course then you don't have the convenience. During busy seasons, this service will most likely be my best friend and I look forward to ordering again.

To save $15 on your first order, use the coupon code "15SAml". It expires one week from today. And come back and tell me how you liked it!

*The small produce bin was gifted to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.