Monday, February 10, 2014

How to build a Jewelry Collection: Necklaces

There are three types of necklaces you should invest in to start or build your jewelry collection. Keeping in mind you will always want a variety of metals (silver/white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and hematite) make sure your collection consists of small, dainty necklaces, a large, statement necklace, and a long, layering necklace.

Dainty necklaces go with everything and can be worn anywhere, with any outfit. I consider them a "safe" choice when accessorizing.
Shop necklace 1 and necklace 2 (necklace 2 is no longer available but stella & dot still has some great options.)

Statement necklaces are a great choice when you are playing it safe with an outfit. They are really fun to play up a plain tshirt and jeans for a casual day outfit. They are also perfect to pair with a LBD for a night out.
Shop necklace 3 and necklace 4.

Long, layering necklaces are generally a long chain that can be looped and worn short or has a pendant. I love to pair these necklaces with flowy, sheer blouses for a bohemian style. These necklaces also look great layered with dainty necklaces.
Shop necklace 5 and necklace 6.

(Thanks to Megan for modeling for me!)