Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to build a Jewelry Collection: Earrings

Similar to necklaces, there are three different categories for earring everyone should have in their collection. Studs are day-to-day earrings that go with everything, like the dainty category is for necklaces. Additionally, every collection should have two kinds of studs: a simple pearl or diamond stud and a dressier stud. Shop stud 1 and stud 2.

Statement earrings are perfect for when your hair is pulled back and your outfit needs that extra something fun. What is really fun about earring 4 is that the bottom part snaps off and the circular part can be worn as a stud- two pair in one! Shop earring 3 and earring 4. (earring 4 is no longer available but here is another option.)

The last category is a median between studs and statements. They are larger earrings that can be worn everyday but give your look just a little something extra. This is the category where hoops and drops fit. I think every collection needs one of each of these. Shop earring 5 and earring 6 (earring 6 is no longer available but here is a great alternative.)