Monday, November 11, 2013

weekly truth

luke 1:45

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Can I start out my weekend recap by complaining a bit? I don't mean to be whiny but sometimes I'm like.... "whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy?"

First complaint: our bed broke. Again. This is what happens when you buy cheap furniture. I don't know how many times we've replaced the slats and the running boards but I'm over it. OVER IT. Go away dumb bed frame.

Second complaint: Our couch has a pullout bed so we decided to sleep on that since the bed is broken. Wouldn't you just know that it would break too? --- let me interrupt myself before you guys go thinking we are being to rough on these beds. We are tired and old. We were NAPPING. Sunday after church, napping on the couch and two seconds later we are folded up like a taco. I didn't know I could still touch my nose to my knees but apparently I can, so that's good to know. The metal leg that supports the middle of the bed decided it was done holding us up, so it stopped.

Yes, that's two beds in two days.

Third complaint: we slept on an air mattress last night which is cold and squeaky. Naturally today I have a stiff neck and back.

That's all the complaints I have. So let me share a bit of the good stuff...

Our basketball clinic brought in 34 kids on saturday and we saw a good number of them show up to church Sunday morning. GOD IS GOOD, y'all.

We had a great Veteran's Day service last night. I hope all of you will take a moment today to thank someone for their service. we have the freedom to worship an amazing God, because some brave people have fought, and continue to fight for us. Be gracious to them today and everyday. Shake their hand, buy them a meal, do something to show your gratitude. They are the ones that give us our freedom.

Happy Monday friends.