Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gift Wrap Style | Guest Post by Elise from Sunday Charm Blog

Today my friend Elise from Sunday Charm Blog is taking over. I asked her to share her gift wrap style and I must say, I'm smacking myself in the head for not thinking of this idea myself. It's so personal and fun, just like Elise. Come back the next few weeks to see more gift wrap style.

- $2 per 18 x 24 engineer print at Staples
- $1 per 3 gift boxes at Dollar Tree 
- $3 for yarn at JoAnn Fabrics

craft time: 5 minutes, or however long it takes for you to wrap a gift

- engineer print
- gift box
- yarn or twine
- tape
- scissors

Are you familiar with engineer prints? They are poster-size, black & white pictures printed on paper (not photo paper) with a matte finish at Staples. The 18 x 24 size is less than $2 per print! Staples has larger sizes available (if you are wrapping larger items). For these gifts, I printed two photos: a wedding photo for my husband's gift and a cityscape photo (via Unsplash) for my mom's gift. 

1. order engineer prints at your local Staples
2. use the poster-size prints like normal wrapping paper, and wrap your gifts
3. wrap/tie yarn or twine around the packages

The great thing about using photos as wrapping paper: no gift tags necessary and no forgetting who the gift is for!

Thanks for letting me take over your space for the day, Courtney! Happy holidays everyone :)