Thursday, August 30, 2012

S H I N Y happy

what is your favorite thing about christmas? and yes, i'm talking about christmas even though it's august. one of my favorite things about the joyful holiday (besides the fact it's Jesus's birthday, which alone makes it the awesomest day of the year) is how shiny it is. the lights, the glistening ornaments, the glittery bows... christmas is a time for metallics and i always take advantage of the holiday to go wear something i would always dress down throughout the rest of the year.

this year we are in luck. the metallic trend is starting this fall and i'm loving the fact i can rock my shiny gear without disapproving looks from the more conservative. some say a little metallic goes a long way but to be honest... i really don't see a problem with these pretties all together.

ipad case / polish / eye pencil / journal / sandals / scarf / bowl


  1. I feel like we need to gold leaf our own bowls... But the inverse of the one above.

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