Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Etsy Find - Industrial Rewind

i just realized that you can search local shops on etsy! you wouldn't imagine my excitement when i saw that easy little link at the side of the page. so i typed in my little bitty town (okay, we aren't really little bitty but not too far from it) and was amazed at the shops that showed up! yay for my kinda-little-bitty-but-not-too-little-bitty town! so i contacted a few sellers that i was impressed with and i can't wait to place a few orders :)

here are some favorites from an awesome shop called industrial rewind...

Dave and Jackie, the shop owners, create fun and interesting pieces from antiques and industrial pieces. Their lighting fixtures are my favorite from the shop including the above solar lights on the mason jars. Check out their shop here and don't hesitate to ask them about a custom order.

all images from industrial rewind etsy shop.