Wednesday, July 11, 2012

21 dates of summer: breakfast

girl crush confession: I think ms. anna from In Honor of Design is pretty awesome. and when i saw she was doing a 21 Dates of Summer, i knew i had to be a copycat. so here is our first date of the 21 Dates of Summer challenge!

 weekends have always been my down time but lately KJB has been working which really isn't fun. so when we happened upon a morning that we didn't have anywhere to be, breakfast out was our first priority. now, to be honest, the hubs wasn't so excited as you can see by his sleepy face.

 it cracks me up when he wears a hat so he doesn't have to do his hair then takes the hat off as soon as we sit down at a restaurant.
 we splurged on biscuits with gravy (for him) and french toast and eggs (for me). i can never finish a meal though so he cleaned up my plate too.
and a little bit more caffeine.

have date ideas for us to try out? let me know in the comments below!


  1. What an adorable idea! I totally copycat other bloggers, too. They have some of the greatest ideas and it helps make everyone's blogs better! :)

    By the way, your blue nail polish is so cute! LOVE IT!

  2. Oh Em Gee... That first photo is MY FAVORITE photo of KJB!! #classic no actually #epic

    1. hahaha, right?! he wanted to kill me with all the photos i snapped :)


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