Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Personal post + Giveaway WINNER!

Let's start out with a pretty room first, shall we? I say we do because it makes me happy and also... it's my bloggy.

Next! I'm gonna just say it... I'm MEGA ready for this wedding to get here. Everything is ready: the invitations mailed, the orders placed, the decor packed and ready to be put out. My to-do list has narrowed to about 5 things. FIVE. I can't believe I can even say that after a year and a half of being engaged. And guys, we are ready in more than just the physical sense. We are just ready to be married and to live together in the same place. While our engagement has gone by so quickly, this last couple of months seems to be tiptoeing. Back when I started planning I was excited for our wedding day - and don't get me wrong, I still am. But even more so I'm excited for our marriage and the things we will experience as husband and wife. That sounds strange because it's not like I wasn't excited about that before now, it's just that now that it's so close and I can almost touch it, I'm eager and exhausted and READY. Do you get that I'm ready? Okay, good.

So now... the giveaway winner! If your name is Lisa and your Twitter name is @LisaE1621, you are the winner! CONGRATULATIONS! I will be in touch with you via email later today. Lisa's favorite item from the giveaway was the string globe lights and I totally don't blame her because they are stinkin fun. Thanks to everyone who entered and be sure to check back in a couple months to help me celebrate by birthday and blogiversary!

oh! and leave me a comment about the month leading up to your wedding day and the start of your new life together. were you like me? or were you nervous/freakin out/scared? let's talk about it below!



  1. I'm trying to remember how I felt the month before. I know I was upset that my parents (especially my mom) still didn't really like him.

    And I know I felt hectic trying to finish up the semester and get all my finals done in time. And I was a little intimidated about moving forward with my religion, because there are some big steps you take in my church before you get married.

    I think I mostly felt resigned and relieved, like I had finally made the decision that would influence pretty much all aspects of the rest of my life, and now all I had to do was follow through with my decision. And I no longer had to worry about the drama of dating and "does he like me" and all those worries.

    And I was excited to be Jeff's wife. And nervous.

    haha. Everything, I guess, was felt. :)

    I'm so excited for you!

    And your new blog look is beautiful.

  2. @michelle - It's so strange because I don't feel nervous and everyone keeps asking me/expecting me to. I'm excited which gives me butterflies but not nervous ones; just excited ones!


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