Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project progress - Issue 5

Do you ever get asked "what's new?" and you just aren't sure how to answer? That has kind of been my life lately. Working in the design industry is interesting especially when you aren't necessary doing what others in the design industry are doing. It's hard to explain to people what a "typical" day consists of when you're an interior designer/project manager/general contractor/specifier/estimator. Yes, that's a lot of slashes. Don't get me wrong; I love every minute of it --OK not every minute but most minutes.

I digress.

It's been awhile since I shared a mega project update (see 1, 2, 34, 5, & 6) so here is where we are with things:

Our third floor is receiving finishes! The tile work here is covered with cardboard so you can't see it's prettiness. But the wall tile looks great, as does the casework and plumbing fixtures.

 The glass storefront system is completely in on the third floor and over halfway complete on the second floor. OH and what's that?! Carpet!? Yes, yes it is. Here's another look at the combination.

 You also get a peak of the ceiling tile which is installed only on the perimeters of the room for now. The humidity outside has killed us even with the air conditioners and dehumidifers inside so for now we are holding off.
 Here is a close up of that gorgeous carpet pattern. I can't wait to see this room complete. Soon it will house the billing department in a row of Herman Miller cubicles that we picked up for a steal from a company going out of business.

If you can't tell, I'm a fan of this room. The colors look great here because of the southern windows. Lighting fixtures in this room looks great too. You can kind of see them here.

Our main focus now is the basement which is receiving drywall as I write this. Second and first floors are somewhere between these images: painting, ceiling grids, and lighting fixtures.

What do you think of our project? Do you love or hate the carpet tile? I kind of can't wait to show you the rest of the palette as it unfolds. :)


photos by yours truly