Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Chair Dilemma

It's what takes the reception up a notch. A gorgeous chair. As many of you know, I have this thing for amazing furniture, especially chairs. (evidence 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; i think you get the idea) When I image my dream reception site it looks a-bit-a-like-a-this:
The good news: I'm almost there with the venue; mine has gorgeous architectural woodwork and a pretty view. However, the chairs the venue offers (dun-dun-duuunn):

The classic brown, metal folding chair. What's a girl to do? I looked up chair rental prices from our local rental place.

"I'm sorry? What was that? You want to charge me $2.50-$6.75 per chair? Are you out of your freakin' mind?" Who can afford that with an a guest list around 200? Not this girl, that's for sure.

"What's another option? A super cool, stretchy, condom-like chair cover? Oh yes; send them right over because I want to pay $4 a piece for those." So, I hit my beloved pinterest for inspiration. I'm happy with some images I found but I'm still not sure the best solution.

Do I go all out and plan for each chair to have pretty curls? This seems like a lot of last minute work that I may not have time for. Or keep it rustic and simple? I would use a bit of burlap and a bit of lace tied in a knot. Not as much work so it's more realistic. Or stick with my streamer decor and tie it to each chair like this ribbon one? Again on that time thing... Or attach tissue paper flowers? 200 flowers is a lot of tissue paper (about 1,600 to be exact).

What do you think people? Which do you like best? Which seems most do-able? Talk about it below.