Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alternate Engagement Ring

Holy, holy sandcastles to snowflakes Batman. It's cold outside; made worse by the fact I'm being reintroduced to the winter weather after returning from seven days of 85 degree beach weather. What happened Mother Nature? I thought you promised Mr. Groundhog an early spring. Do I need to continue my rant or do you get it? Okay, 'nuff said.

As I mentioned, I have just returned home from vacation: a week on Treasure Island off the coast of Tampa. It was gorgeous and I was delighted to pull out my sundresses and flip-flops {rubbin' it in}. This was our first vacation as an engaged couple and I decided to leave my ring at home. The FH spent too much money and put too much thought into the ring selection for me to lose it to the gulf's sandy bottom. We left on Friday evening and by Sunday I felt strange and naked without a ring. Call me a weirdo but I have great satisfaction in flashing my ring when a dim-witted, beach bimbo flirts with my man. {'cuse my unlady-like language} So I moseyed on over to a nearby beach boutique and picked up an inexpensive, sterling ring. It's about as tacky and gaudy as can be but it worked for it's purpose.

Now that I'm back home, and wearing my pretty ring again, I've found a few acceptable rings in wide range of prices to consider for your next vacation or honeymoon. Since I plan on wearing one of these babies for every vacation I take, I don't mind to spend a good amount of money but I also don't want to spend too much in case I lose it. Kinda defeats the point. But "a lot" of money is different for everyone. Anyway, these are some of my favorites.

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