Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project progress - Meet our artists. David Dale

David Dale is an artist and designer. He is known for amazing watercolors but I love his pastels as well. David is one of the artists working on my mega project and the founder of the company I work for. Below are some of David's creations but I'm really excited for the custom piece he is working on for the mega project.

I've always loved this one for some reason. Maybe because it hangs close to my desk.

Amazing colors here. So gorgeous.

Beaver. I like this one because it's a beaver. And this beaver creates the most gorgeous, colorful waves behind him.

... my FAVORITE...
Light coming up over the hillside creating deep shadows and bright highlights. The shades of pink, lavender, cyan, and sage are so lovely.

Giclee prints are available at our gallery in various sizes including notecards for $4. {yes, I said $4!}