Tuesday, December 4, 2018

2018 Gift Guide : Him

Why are men so hard to buy for?! Seriously, even my husband has a difficult time thinking of gifts for his guy friends and he knows them well! I'm not sure what it is, but men, generally speaking, are the difficult ones on my shopping list ever year. Looking through other gift guides is helpful, but it seems so many gifts are centered around drinking and most of the men I know either do not drink or are super low maintenance when it comes to drinking - just hand them a cold beer and they are happy.

All that being said, I've come up with a few things that I think are great ideas, most of them I'm gifting to someone I know this year!

 Yeti Cooler | Drill Set | Sock Set | Watch Band | Henley
VansSpreeza box | Poster

Yeti Cooler | My hubby is a Yeti fanatic. He is constantly buying and selling and trading their products so he can give them all a try. The quality is always top notch and keeps drinks cold for days. This new style is a backpack, making it more convenient to carry. It's perfect for hiking, picnics, and pretty much any other one day trip.

Drill Set | GUYS, this almost went on my women's gift guide. It's so lightweight even my weak little arms can manage it without getting tired. Also, with a cordless drill, I find they are often not as powerful as a corded drill, but not this one! It packs a punch and comes with a nifty carrying case and 2 batteries to keep your project moving along without the wait.

Sock Set | Patterned socks on men just make me so happy. It shows they are carefree and don't care what others think. You might think that's saying a lot, but just look at the colors and patterns available from Happy Socks! They have everything you've ever thought of!

Watch band | When KJB made the switch from his fashion watch to an Apple watch, I admit I was a little bummed, because I thought the fashion watch did so much for his style. But, there are so many watch band options, he can easily change up the style just by swapping the band.

Henley | Everyone and their brother is sporting a henley this year; it's seriously the go-to style. If the guy on your list hasn't hopped on board the trend train, pick one up for him in a lovely color. I particularly love the slim fit of this one.

Vans | Shoes are a great gift for a guy for a few reasons. First, they rarely buy them for themselves unless they have worn out the last pair. Second, they are hard on their shoes! Maybe that's just KJB, but his shoes always look like they just ran 500 miles. For the past two years, I've picked up a new pair of dressier casual shoes for him, but this year, I'm going the route of the sneaker in a fun, unexpected color.

Spreeza Box | If you haven't heard of this genius subscription box yet, get ready to thank me for the introduction. Your man will love his box so much, he'll want to take it on a date. Literally he will don his goodies and leave you at home just to get some alone time with them. I ordered a couple months of this amazing box for KJB three years ago and he loved it so much he started asking for it from multiple people for his birthday and Christmas. It comes with 5 or 6 products like socks, ties, lapel pins, sunglasses, bracelets, pocket squares, watch bands, etc.

Poster | Look around your home, or the home of the guy on your list. Is there much there that represents him/his style/his interests? Probably not. It seems that typically our home decor styles tend toward a more femme flair. This year, try to find a poster, painting, or sculpture, that really speaks to his style. Now that doesn't mean, go to Hobby Lobby and find the man cave aisle. For example, this poster is actually a geological chart showing earth layers. It's colorful, interesting, and something you wouldn't have to hide in the garage. Think of a couple of your man's interests and search on etsy or shopify til you find a piece of art you think he would love!