Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Autumn Collection & Freebie

Hello friends! Today I'm pleased to share my Autumn Art Collection over at Splendid Actually The Shop. This collection was inspired by the trends of the season - snuggles, bonfires, leaves and keeping warm! When you head over to the shop, you'll see a lot of home decor items since this collection was all about the cozy. You'll see that the color palette is varied so that there is something for everyones aesthetic. My favorite piece by far is Fall Diet Plan, featuring my staple for the season.

I hope you'll visit The Shop and tell me your favorite item of the whoopin 140 products! All of the prints are below but there's so much more to see.

To celebrate, I've created a digital diecut of Fall Diet Plan. I think this would look awesome poking out of a travelers notebook pocket! A massive spilling of candy! Click here to download the digital and make sure to tag me on instagram if you use it in your setup.