Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Get Inspired

This darling little bow chair has stolen my heart! Andrea Ravert shared a picture of it on InstaStories and my obsession began. I couldn't help but come up with a room inspired by this chair. Since the bow is super feminine, I wanted to pair it with a lot of black accents for contrast, as well as a bright coral and blush.

For many people I think their natural instinct is to keep colors in a similar shade or hue, for example white, blush, gold, cream. However, when you add a contrast, like black or bright coral, it gives the room much more interest. The contrast adds depth and personality to the room. Mixing metals and patterns also gives the room extra spunk - this combination of the floral, animal print, and Aztec is perfect because the scale of the patterns do not compete with each other.

I hope this board inspires you to consider some options you wouldn't naturally gravitate to!

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