Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Look for Less

Recently browsing through the summer CB2 catalog, I fell in lust with this outdoor space. It's so Palm Springs and who doesn't want a Palm Springs vibe in their backyard?! When adding up the total cost of all the items in the picture, I was actually not blown away by an absurd price. Especially when it comes to the smaller accessories, I find them to be extremely reasonable. Still though, I thought it would be interesting to pull together a similar look from less expensive retailers.

A couple of things about the look for less items. In all honesty, I'm not super thrilled with the selection of tables at a lower price point. I went with these for a couple of reasons - the price was great and the color scheme was on point. Another thing I considered was doing a DIY mosaic on the top surface, to get closer to the look of the inspiration pieces. I think the coffee table would especially be an easy project.

Speaking of tables, the total cost of the look for less gets you two side tables at two different sizes, which I love versatility of. The hurricane lamp also comes in a set of three - double bonus!

Putting together this look for less was so fun. Let me know if I should keep doing them! Oh, and can you spot the item I duplicated in both looks?!

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