Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Beach, Please

I'm off to the beach, jump out of the way. No one can stop me, I'm in need of a sunny day. Because you never know who you might run into, I suggest you glam up. Let this board give you a clue. Nothing says beach, please like sunnies and a hat. Now a cute bag to stash cash, but of course you know that. To cover up your goods, try a maxi or a mumu.  Finish off the look with a sandal or gladiator shoe. You'll feel put-together when you need an ice cream break, just pop into the shop and pick up a shake. These ensembles are boho and perfect for the beach, you can never be too glam; that's what I preach.

left outfit: maxi cover up | beach towel | hat | sunnies | bag | shoes
right outfit: floral cover up | beach towel | hat | sunnies | bag | shoes