Friday, January 5, 2018

Planner Printables : Notes pages for a year!

To get 2018 off to a well-organized start, I thought I would share a free printable for one of my favorite pages in my planner - the notes page! One of the most underestimated pages of your planner, the notes page is often found to be so flexible and versatile that people just don't know where to start. Get the most out of your notes pages by choosing categories that are important to you, creating lists, tracking habits, and getting things done! I found that I was much more productive when I set monthly goals, stead of just annual resolutions.

With these printables, you can choose from 12 different header options, make 8 different lists, divide up responsibilities, track daily habits and so much more. The fun themes make the page colorful and are perfectly paired with deco sheets you might pick up from Etsy shops, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. The best part is I've come up with 12 themes to get you through the entire year.

Download your set of notes pages here! You can print them all out at once and pre-plan, or Pin the image below to come back each month and print a new one. I hope you love them, and if you use them, be sure to tag me on Instagram @mrs_cbellplans so I can see your create work!

This is for personal use only. If you want to get one for a friend, that's cool, just please don't distribute my work without checking with me first. This cannot be sold or altered without permission. xo, courtney