Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Patio Mini Makeover

Back in May I shared a few things I wanted to do to our patio to really take it up a notch. Instead of following my plan for a simple makeover, which included about three new things, I basically scratched the plan and went for something completely different. Make sure you check out that post after this one so you can laugh at my well-laid plans.

Enough laughing, let's move on to the good stuff. Next summer I'm hoping to gut our existing patio and have a new one poured or install pavers, all depending on our budget for the year. So this mini makeover consisted of some new furniture pieces and some plants. Of course I have no before photos because I'm mega lame, but the only thing on our patio at the beginning of summer was our small swing, an old coffee table, and a gorgeous mosaic top table I had made. Here is the after.

We picked up this gorgeous dining table from Ikea, along with a couple matching chairs and from there my simple project was thrown out the window. Then I discovered this great lounge set on Wayfair for a steal so I figured I may as well go all in. Now when we install our new patio next year, theoretically, I won't need to buy a single piece of furniture for it. Theoretically.

The sign was a DIY project by yours truly. I was inspired by my friend who offered me the piece of metal. I loved the color and knew it would go great against the house - just barely contrasting, but the perfect background color to add some teal and green.

The dining table is made of pretty acacia wood in a warm tone that goes well with the brick. To keep the wood from really overwhelming the space, I opted for metal chairs in the middle. The best part about the table is that the ends can drop down and take up a much smaller footprint, which is how we will leave it most of the time for the two of us. When my order from Wayfair arrived, I was really happy to discover the color matched my dining chairs almost perfectly. The loveseat is also the perfect length for my short self to stretch my legs out while reading and sipping on iced tea.

Since our house is this pretty shade of rusty brick, I wanted to really pump up the color by adding complimentary shades of blues. My outdoor mats really set the tone and it was so easy to find various shades of blue and green to add in with the accessories.

Since I didn't want to plant anything permanent until next summer, a couple of potted plants were the way to go. The yellow and orange added a fun bright look. Now I just need to keep them alive; yikes. Our dear little swing still fits perfectly with all these new pieces, which is great because we can now seat so many people.

The only thing still missing is some kind of storage. I still really love the wooden storage container from Ikea, but I think it would be too small now, considering I doubled my number of cushions. If you have a great cushion storage container please leave me a link in the comments!

If you're wondering about my darling mosaic table, she actually got moved out to our fire pit along with the blue metal chairs. She's the perfect size for KJB and I to eat at while roasting over the fire. I also spray painted our existing metal chairs blue so they all match. I may share that set up in a separate post later if you're interested! I've listed all my sources below in case you are needing patio furniture of your own. The best part about buying now is nearly everything is on sale!

Dining table | Wood chairs | Metal dining chairs | Lounge furniture set | Table runner | Cloth napkins | Lumbar pillow (similar) | Square pillow (kinda similar, great source regardless) | Throw blanket | Tuorquoise floor mat | Blue and green floor mat (similar color) (similar pattern here, but more of a rug instead of a mat)